Motherboard Installation

How to Install a Motherboard

In this page we will see how to install a motherboard into an ATX full tower-computer case. The procedure is the same for every PC case and for every motherboard form factor. Although it is very easy and straightforward you need to take some precautions to avoid damaging the motherboard. We will see all these in a while.

In this example we will see just how to install a motherboard. In real world scenarios you may have to install the CPU in the motherboard first before installing it in the pc case. Especially in case that you want to install a different cooler than the stock, you may need to install a back plate in the back side of the CPU socket. So check this first before installing a motherboard to the pc case.
A motherboard is a big card containing many circuits and electrical elements such as capacitors, resistors etc. Any electronic equipment is vulnerable to electrical discharges. Before touching the motherboard, be sure that you don’t have any static electricity on you. Touch an earthed metallic object before handling the motherboard.
Avoid touching the pins on the back side of the motherboard for the same reason as above. Think that every time that you touch the motherboard’s metallic components you create a short. Static electricity can pass through the short and damage the motherboard’s elements.
Leave the motherboard on the bag that was initially bundled. This bag is anti-static so there is no risk for electricity to reach it.
OK as we assume that you understand how important is to avoid static electricity discharges to your motherboard. Let’s proceed to the interesting part and see how to install a motherboard.
Installing a Motherboard


 This is the PC case that we are going to install our motherboard.

Remove the side panel of the computer case and check inside. As you can see there are many holes on the inside metallic “wall” of the case. You guessed well; our motherboard is going to be installed at this place.

Let’s have a closer look. We can see a lot more holes that our motherboard has. This is because the pc case supports other form factors as well than the standard ATX. So according to your motherboard form factor, you just need to screw the motherboard stands to the correct holes.

Motherboard stands? You can see them in the following picture.

 These are screws that come with your pc case and must be installed in the correct places. As you can see they are male/female screws. The male side is going to the pc case and the female side is used for securing the motherboard on the stands using simple screws.

 Screw the stands to the correct holes with your thumbs. Caution: Every stand must be just under the motherboard’s holes or else it will touch the motherboard components and it will create a short. You don’t want to do that.

Our PC case is ready to welcome our motherboard.

Unpack the motherboard from its package and leave it on the anti-static bag. You need first to install the I/O shield before installing the motherboard.

 This is the I/O back panel.

Take the I/O back plate and install it on the back as the following picture shows.


Be sure that you placed it correctly and not upside-down. Usually the mouse and keyboard serial ports are on top.

Now is the motherboard’s turn.

Lift the motherboard carefully and handle it from its sides. Point it’s I/O connectors and ports to the I/O shield and push it so the connectors fit in the holes of the I/O plate. Then leave the motherboard to lay on the stands.

If the motherboard’s holes are not perfectly aligned with the stands then align them as the illustration above.

Now the motherboard is in place and ready to be secured in the pc case.

Tighten the screws and you motherboard will be secured.

We finished installing a motherboard in a pc case. Easy, don’t you think?

We repeat again that do not rush installing the motherboard before installing the CPU. There is a big chance that you will have to uninstall the motherboard to install the CPU and re-install it again.

This concludes the motherboard installation guide. Let’s summarize how to install a motherboard.

 • Remove any static electricity from your hands
Screw the stands in the PC case to the correct holes
Install the I/O back plate
Align motherboard’s I/O back connectors and ports with the I/O back plate.
Align motherboard holes with the stands and secure it with the screws.

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